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Transport Canada Service CharterTransport Canada encourages efficient marine transportation and safe, safe and renewable marine practices; oversees marine infrastructure; regulates the safe transport of dangerous products by water; helping protect the marine environment.

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Im a leisure boater

Canada gets the earth's longest coast and biggest focus of freshwater lakes. We invite you to definitely explore Canada's waterways responsibly. All leisure boaters, are expected to learn the guidelines that govern their particular safe pleasure in Canadian waters.

  • Licensing and Registration
I am a marine traveler

Make fully sure you get everything you want for a safe trip! Some of the most breathtaking and interesting trips take place on Canadian oceans. Although our marine industry has actually an enviable protection record, accidents sometimes happens. Traveler vessel teams tend to be taught to deal with emergencies, however if you're in charge of planning a boat trip, you will find steps you can take to improve the likelihood of a secure, fun outing.

Probably the most gorgeous and interesting tours take place on Canadian waters.

If you are in charge of planning a ship tour, there are things you can do to improve the likelihood of a secure, fun getaway.

  • Security
  • Site Visitors
  • Obtainable transport
I am worried about the marine environment

Transport Canada develops and administers guidelines, laws and programs to safeguard the marine environment; lessen the impact on the surroundings of marine air pollution incidents in Canadian waters; and advertise the safety of general public.

  • Protection and Enforcement
I am a little commercial vessel operator

Transport Canada Marine protection Inspectors work with little vessel providers across Canada to enhance the safety of little trip motorboat functions. Owners and operators must ensure their vessels meet national construction and maintenance standards, and that all crew be trained and certified to deal with marine emergencies.

Does your vessel have an Inspection Certificate, Notice of Inspection or decal?

Speak to your closest Transport Canada Marine protection workplace to set up an evaluation.

  • Certification and Vessel Registration
  • On the water
  • Little and Special-purpose Vessels
  • Little Vessel Compliance System (Non-Pleasure Craft)(SVCP)
  • Functions, Laws & Guidelines
Im a large commercial vessel operator

Secure navigation of Canada's seas calls for vessels - from large cruise ships to cargo vessels - being built, prepared, managed and crewed in accordance with criteria and regulations set and enforced by Transport Canada.

I am a seafarer

Transport Canada develops and enforces regulations linked to instruction, examination and certifying marine personnel, including seafarers, ship security officers and satisfaction art operators, so that the safe procedure of all of the marine vessels in Canada.

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