Boat Transporters

Boat Transporters, Boat ParkersWise boat transporters have-been made to enhance the way ships tend to be transported in boatyards.

Through its design the transporter is great for parking boats in close vicinity as well as in restricted spaces. This might allow more ships to be parked in a boatyard compared to hoists or trailers

Making use of a transporter along with a hoist can not only improve on room but helps you to save time enabling more lifts to-be carried out. The Transporters include two methods for lifting and transporting ships:

  • Adjustable props for direct lifting
  • Swivel forks for cradle lifting

This freedom implies many various form and sized boats is raised by one device.

With our standard diesel powered transporter smart offer Silent-pac, electric and towed designs to match any environment.

Currently cordless remote control as standard with all our powered transporters offering the operator increased eyesight and precision.

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Lego city boat trailer and transporter.

Hi this is my lego city boat transporter and trailer. The boat can go in water and will float easily. If you have a 3DS or 3DS XL I'm happy to trade friend codes with you.

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