Road Harbour BVI

Road Town, Tortola could be the money associated with the British Virgin isles and is the central hub of watercraft chartering in the BVI. For a lot of charterers, Road Town is when your voyage begins and end.

Navigation into and out-of path Harbor

When you approach path Harbour from the Sir Francis Drake Channel look for the 2 huge round fuel tanks across the starboard shore in Fish Bay. You'll also see a sizable radio tower along the starboard coast slightly more in.

path Harbour Chart From the contrary (western) shore, your landmark could be the rounded roof the top of Fort Burt Hotel perched on Burt Point.

If you should be approaching from the Southwest, 1st buoy you will definitely get will undoubtedly be a pulsating (3 sec) green buoy off of Burt Point and scars Denmark Banks. More in the eastern there is certainly a flashing red (8 second) buoy situated off of Fish Bay. This buoy marks Scotch Bank. Hold this to starboard while you enter Road Harbor.

Inside roadway Harbor there are a number of marinas that serve as charter basics and gives services and accommodation to many other boaters. Marinas in path Harbor include: path Reef Marina, Fort Burt Marina and Wickham's Cay we & II. Both government dock and cruise ship docks are prominent features within Road Harbor but are for commercial and formal use.

Road Reef Marina

Road Reef Marina sits across the western side of the harbor and it is nestled regarding north part Burt aim. Road Reef Marina hosts TMM Charters. Ashore you will find electrical energy, ice and water.

Fort Burt Marina is where there are Conch Charters. This marina is regarding Western shore of Road Harbor only close to path Reef Marina.

The Government Dock

The federal government Dock may be the main point of entry to the BVI. This is how vessels showing up from away from BVI will clear customs and immigration. To clear traditions, it is best to anchor off the federal government dock after that dinghy in. The docks on their own are employed by ferries and commercial vessels. The key ferry dock is based here, as well as BVI traditions and immigration this really is in addition the main office of the BVI Tourist division. You'll grab a taxi from here or it is simply a brief walk-in to town.

Baugher's Bay

Baugher's Bay is from the east side of Road Harbour and sits towards starboard and just under the radio tower while you enter. Baugher's Bay is mostly a commercial interface and is in which from in which the Peter Island Resort ferry runs.

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