Southern Cross Yachting


If you should be planning a charter holiday after that this time program with Southern Cross Yachting is crucial. The information you gain can not only make your getaway more fun it will probably reduce the briefing time when you begin your charter and provide you with more hours afloat!

Duration: one day or 1 week-end

Previous knowledge needed: Nothing.

Held over on a daily basis or a week-end, the course can not only cover the south Cross Yachting introductory certification it'll explain to you the basics to safely and competently plan your vacation. All reputable charter operators recognise our instruction and our experienced Skippers will give you advice on everything from just what clothes to take to in which the most useful pubs tend to be! They are enjoyable and informative vacations so bring the whole staff along.

The course are taken in one full-day cruising or as a week-end away with the yacht spending the night time at anchor and experiencing the delights of some evening cruising. The 1-day course includes lunch and early morning and afternoon tea as well as the week-end course includes all meals on-board. At Southern Cross Yachting we teach cruising inside most basic & most enjoyable means possible so you can not only discover more, you should have a very good time doing it!

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