Relating To Your Grandchildren - Our Oklahoma Lawyers Might Help

Oklahoma is among the claims that recognizes grandparents' legal rights with regards to visitation rights with, or child custody of, grandchildren. These legal rights aren't guaranteed, however, if the divorce courts find that it's within the welfare from the children, you might be granted these legal rights.

Our  grandparents attorney notice that each family's scenario is unique. And then we handle your unique conditions on the situation-by-situation basis. We've helped many grandma and grandpa in Oklahoma and through the condition seek visitation rights or child custody of the grandchildren.

You want to understand all the details before deciding what direction to go. Ultimately, we're employed in your own interests, that will help you have enough time together with your grandchildren. We'll try everything we are able to that will help you receive that point.

Conditions That Provide A Grandparent To File A Lawsuit For Visitation rights Or Child Child custody

There's two Oklahoma laws and regulations that govern grandparents' legal rights. The Uniform Dissolution of Marriage Act (UDMA) and also the Children's Code.

The UDMA enables grandma and grandpa who've had child custody of the grandchildren for six several weeks or longer, or perhaps in situations in which the child is away from the proper care of a parent or gaurdian, to find visitation rights legal rights or parental responsibilities. This should be done either as the child has been looked after through the grandma and grandpa, or within six several weeks from the child finding yourself in their care.

The Kids Code enables grandma and grandpa to find visitation rights legal rights using their grandchildren. This might occur if:

  • The grandchildren aren't coping with either parent however with somebody else
  • The grandchildren aren't coping with parents who's the kid from the grandma and grandpa
  • The kid from the grandma and grandpa has died and yet another parent isn't encouraging visitation rights using the grandma and grandpa

Our lawyers will talk about your conditions as well as your goals along with you. We can tell you about how the courts may rule inside your situation, in addition to options open to you. In case your grandchildren are the topic of a current child custody fight, you might be able to intervene included in that situation. We'll take everything into consideration once we look to find the best resolution so that you can visit your grandchildren.

If You Wish To Participate Your Grandchildren's Lives, You May Want To Seek Visitation rights To Get It Done

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