Zuma Deluxe flash game

A huge army of fans won the game "Zuma", in which the main character is a frog, shooting balls.

Many different levels of difficulty make the game interesting for any age category.

There is a large number of different versions of the game. We should also highlight the puzzle of Zoom "Frog". It is made in the spirit of minimalism and has much in common with the classic version. Fans of bonuses and various add-ons will love the Zuma Deluxe game.

Game Description Zuma "Frog"

The game zone is a winding moat over which colored balls roll. In the center of the screen is a frog, which is controlled by the player. You do not need to download a puzzle to your computer - it is played online.The animal is guarded by the entrance to the dungeon, made in the form of a skull, framed by an eight-pointed star.

The game consists of several levels. Unlock the next level can be absolutely free - you need to go through the previous one. As you progress through the levels become more complicated:

  • Added balls of other colors
  • Ditch becomes multi-level
  • Balls can come simultaneously from two opposite points
  • Increases the speed of advancement of the balls

Lose is the situation when the balls penetrate the dungeon. You need to play as long as there are no balls on the tracks.

The rules of the game in Zuma "Frog"

You must remove the balls by shooting them from a frog. It shoots the animal with colorful balls. You can delete a group consisting of three or more balls. For this you need to shoot at a group of the same color ball. So, if you shoot a blue ball at two balls of the same color, they will disappear. In the mouth of the frog is a ball, which she will shoot at the moment. On its back you can see what color the ball will be during the next shot. If you press the "Spacebar" on the keyboard, you can swap these balls. Zuma games free for online https://mega-zuma.com/zuma-deluxe/

When you miss the ball flies out of the field or takes place on the chain.To control the frog, use the left mouse button. Goaling on balls is necessary with the help of the cursor.The main task is to prevent the balls from reaching the center of the maze.

For the removal of three balls, 20 points are awarded, 4 points - 30 and further ascending.The functional features of the game Zoom "Frog" In this version of the game there are no bonuses, tips and additional buttons.

Exit to the main menu is possible only in case of loss or by reloading the page with the game. Before the start of the game, the user can read the instruction in English. All actions in the game are accompanied by distinctive sounds. You can play mah-jong nile tiles free for online.

To disable them, click the corresponding button located to the right of the playing field. Zuma "Frog" contributes to the development of rapid response, accuracy and logical abilities. The changing locations, the increasing pace of the game and the intuitive interface make it popular all over the world. The game Zuma "Frog" can be played online for free and without registration. Play Zuma "Frog" for free, full screen and good quality.

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