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Want understand which are the greatest brand-new production yachts on the market right now? The European Yacht of the season, the world’s many comprehensive competition for production yachts, is the best place to start.

Now in its 12th year, the European Yacht of the Year is judged by reporters from 11 different magazines from 11 various European countries. Each jury member tested every boat through the five different categories, over two split weeks in two different areas – from La Rochelle in September and from Santa Margherita following Genoa Boatshow in October.

The voting in multihull, family members cruiser and unique boat groups was particularly tight. After the choices were finalised, the five category champions had been announced tonite (January 23) at an Oscars-style prizegiving held during the starting nights the Dusseldorf Boatshow.

The nominees and champions of each group when it comes to European Yacht of the season awards 2015/2016 are:

Category 1: Family Cruiser

Nominees: Dufour 460, Hanse 315, Jeanneau 54, Maxus 26, RM 1070

CHAMPION: Hanse 315

Just as we were just starting to concentrate on the large end of Hanse’s range, along with its flagship 675 establishing this season – on slides this smooth, family-friendly pocket cruiser. The 315 features a seductive hull shape – that can match a Dehler in fact – the one that demonstrates a delight to sail and contains the beam for cockpit and aft cabin room.

She cannot quite strike that ‘entry-level’ price point, however the 315 promotes the little end of the brand-new boat marketplace excellently. Space is apportioned sensibly, with standing headroom and outstanding aft cabin.

That is an extremely versatile and impressive new compact cruiser.

Standard pricing starts at: €59, 900 ex VAT

Category 2: Luxury Cruiser

Nominees: Adventure 55, Grand Soleil 46 LC, Maxi 1200, Oyster 475, Sunbeam 40.1

CHAMPION: Grand Soleil 46 LC

1st real cruiser from Cantiere del Pardo in over 40 years is one that addresses an inspired gap between your mass manufacturing cruisers of France and Germany and the high-end and usually more traditional style cruisers from northern Europe.

The 46LC is for those after some thing a bit hotter, a bit more luxurious, somewhat classier, and a little quicker as compared to norm. This thoroughly Italian item has actually bold, angular if significantly stark styling that integrates with an extremely light, spacious, inviting inside. She specially fits the sunshine cruising. The deck design provides both abundant convenience at anchor and practicality at sea – she's an easy task to manage and nimble enough to enjoy light-wind sailing.

Standard pricing begins at: €369, 000 ex VAT

Category 3: Performance Cruiser

Nominees: Django 9.80, Ice 52, Italia Yachts 9.98, J/112e, Solaris 50

CHAMPION: Solaris 50

This is the most up to date, desirable new production yacht design, a bonafide trendsetter, with engineering quality to suit her appearances. She presents the melodious conference of Southern American design flare with Italian styling. The effect is luxurious overall performance.

The Solaris 50 is sexy, elegant and advanced, an optimistic pleasure to sail, and, to my mind, the essential contemporary Mediterranean production boat currently.

Standard prices starts at: €480, 000 ex VAT

Category 4: Multihulls

Nominees: CometCat 37, Dazcat 1495, Dragonfly 25

WINNER: Dragonfly 25

Jens Quorning does it again! The creator and fashion designer of Dragonfly has actually that uncanny knack of keeping a family group appearance, however one that is updated to look contemporary – into the 25’s case, particularly using the reverse stem floats.

Plus becoming truly towable, this newborn associated with the range could very well be the most sporty, enjoyable Dragonfly yet. Innovative outrigger styles together with power to helm from either float ensures an exhilarating trip.

I just wish it had been less expensive – a Dragonfly does hold its price remarkably well nevertheless. Standard pricing starts at: €69, 900 ex VAT

Check-out just how effortlessly she flies a hull, plus designer Jens Quorning’s initial test sail commentary here:

Category: Special Yacht

Nominees: Bente 24, Corsair Pulse 600, Fareast 28R, Farr 280, Quant 23

CHAMPION: Quant 23

I can’t remember ever before seeing our jury so excited about cruising a watercraft before! Listed here is a design that promises much but for some reason provides more. Even if you performedn’t also fit the foils you’d have a blast about this super-fresh sportsboat – a lake sailer that ensures scows continue to have cult condition.

Add Hugh Welbourne’s Dyamic Stability program along with a sportsboat on steroids, a craft that leaves severe fun back in sailing, and makes foiling approachable.

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