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Raised in a sailing family members in Newport seashore, California, Dave has-been sailing and boating since his moms and dads very first forced him from the beach in the Naples Sabot at age 6. Since that time he has got been an aggressive sailor and boating lover for more than 40 years.

While Dave features raced sailboats almost all of his life he didn’t start doing work in the marine business regular until he arrived the product sales and Marketing management place aided by the world’s premiere sailboat design residence – Farr Yacht Design. After a period indeed there he relocated back into the west coastline and became the general supervisor the globes 3rd biggest Sea Ray supplier in Newport Beach, Newport Boats. They certainly were in addition the Meridian, Atlantis, Polar Fishing Boats, and Azimut dealership in addition to supplying full mobile service. Dave recognized himself by running their many profitable shop and maintaining a CSI rating of a great 10 the past 14 months of their work.

The downturn of 2009 ended their tenure indeed there since many for the staff ended up being let go. Dave relocated to another local agent, extended seashore Yacht product sales, and rapidly became the no. 1 sales person. He had been granted sales person of the Year this season for dollar amount and was 2nd in devices sold. Towards the end of 2011 Dave joined up with the Denison Yacht salesforce in our Marina del Rey, California location in which he has got rapidly added many quality listings and is targeted on product sales and listings in southern la, Orange, and hillcrest counties.

Sailing accomplishments consist of multiple PHRF Championships on both coast as helmsman and tactician, Etchell’s fleet titles on both coasts as tactician, 8 Transpacs (one with accurate documentation ready) and Pacific Cups, in which he is currently the tactician on a S. Ca Farr 40, a Viper 640, and an F18 Catamaran. He has logged well over 250, 000 kilometers navigating the world’s oceans and is prepared to help you recognize your boating desires.

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