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Fincantieri Yachts belongs to Fincantieri, the best Western shipbuilder, with a turnover above 4 Billion Euro, a current order book of about 10.1 billion Euros, a system composed of 21 shipyards, 3 design centers, an investigation center in the naval field, two production sites focused on the manufacturing of systems and mechanical elements and staff in excess of 19, 000 men and women. With a history spanning over 200 years and 7000 vessels built, Fincantieri is among the biggest, most experienced and diversified shipbuilders in the world, globe frontrunner within the luxury cruise ships and large ferries industry, offering a diversified number of vessels including naval surface boats, submarines and offshore vessels.

The foundation of Fincantieri’s power to produce top-quality superyachts is its history in ship design and building. The shipyard has built several of the most advanced level vessels on earth while establishing many files, from creating 1st submarine to reach the Mariana Trench (11, 033m deep) in 1960, to making the Alliance, the world’s many hushed ship, in 1986, therefore the most quiet submarine in 2007, to creating the Destriero, which nevertheless holds the blue ribbon with a 65 knots peak speed and Atlantic cross at 53 knots average.

Fincantieri transfers its advanced technologies to yachting and adds the special elements that characterise a superyacht. The shipyard’s very skilled workforce, at the same time, combines top managerial and technical skills with expertise ranging from shipbuilding to advertising and marketing, from manufacturing manufacturing to deluxe, from task management to quality control. The company has also a big, devoted engineering division, well connected to Fincantieri centers of quality.

With such an array of expertise to draw in, Fincantieri can come up with the perfect team for every component of a vessel’s design and construction. Plus becoming innovative and flexible, Fincantieri is attentive to the requirements of its customers. While every boat benefits from the shipbuilder’s knowledge and higher level technology, each Fincantieri yacht is exclusive – a passionate explanation of their owner’s hopes and dreams.

Fincantieri Yachts is dependent into the Muggiano Yard near Los Angeles Spezia. With a workforce of 750, including countless competent craftsmen, a dedicated Yacht Design division and a Project Management business, Muggiano has actually 60, 000 square metres of covered area, so essential for attaining a real “yacht finish”, and a global track record of quality in high-tech, top-notch and high-performance vessels. The organization recently committed to specialized brand-new equipment, facilities and technology to make the yard the definitely perfect environment for producing ocean-going masterpieces.

After delivery, Fincantieri provides high-level maintenance and maintenance, with two committed yards: one at Muggiano, La Spezia while the various other at Arsenale Triestino San Marco in Trieste. Right here, professional employees provide every service, from routine maintenance to complex updates and conversion rates

Fincantieri Yachts has delivered last year this lady first mega yacht, Serene, a 134m boat which, when launched, is considered a work of art for level of deluxe, high quality and technical challenge. Fincantieri Yachts is currently finalizing, Hull 6218 success, a seven- deck motor boat of 140 yards long, whoever contract, signed in December 2009, ended up being initial purchase for a yacht longer than 80meters signed after the beginning of the financial crisis in October 2008.

Only a few yacht owners have the same ideas. Some want to produce, due to their own designers, new, unique and distinctive vessels, created specifically for their very own eyesight, and FY is preparing to develop and develop these jobs for all of them.

But other owners choose to develop upon a unique existing design. So, for all of them, we joined with a few of the world’s most prestigious international yacht developers generate six concept designs: “Project Light” and “Project Skyback” 80 metres, “Project Mars” 90 metres, “Project X-Vintage” 99 metres, “Project Armonia” 142 metres and “Project Fortissimo” 145 metres . Although officially detail by detail, these concept designs are intended to be adjusted to virtually any owner’s particular desires.

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