Sailing around the Caribbean

CaribbeanWe had been inspired to go out of the Mediterranean for four explanations:

  1. When we remained much longer we thought we my get also comfortable and drop the self-confidence to make the Atlantic Crossing. The Med is really so large and thus full of amazing what to observe that a sailor can potentially spend a complete life time examining the area always finding brand-new locations to visit. Additionally, it's easy which will make buddies (both locals and people when you look at the sailing community) – I could feel the grips associated with Med encircling united states. Element of me wished to remain because I experienced created such a delightful personal group.
  2. Our loose long-term program has always been to sail around the world. Demonstrably, we can’t succeed worldwide unless we begin cruising west, so part of our choice had been on the basis of the proven fact that we wanted to log on to with our plan. During my mind I was thinking, ‘we can always return to the Med when we’re done circumnavigating the world!’
  3. Crossing the Atlantic because of the Atlantic Rally for Cruisers (ARC) was indeed a dream for many years. We heard so many amazing stories and great experiences that we wished to be a part of the function. We crossed with 200+ ships in addition to experience will definitely decrease among the most notable things my family and I have ever done.
  4. The greatest motivator for us cruising over the Atlantic would be to finally experience two cruising months back-to-back. Never ever within my life have actually I had the privilege of getting summertime for the full year! (If you haven’t experienced the Med between November that can it's maybe not a good destination. It’s cool, the seas tend to be awful and a lot of costal spots power down).

Therefore given that my better half, Simon, our five-year-old girl, Sienna, and I also have been in the Caribbean exactly what do we think about it? Is there numerous similarities or perhaps is it another kettle of fish?

The major question is: exactly what area is better to sail around – the Mediterranean or even the Caribbean?

Regarding the similarities, there are many. Both areas have a very good level of sea to visit around. Whether you are feeling like a quick sail or a lengthy one the region accommodates both for. Both the Med additionally the Caribbean have actually lots of anchorages, a number of countries and great men and women (sailors and residents).

The 2 sailing areas both have set periods. The Mediterranean season is from May to November. During December to April many full-time boaties discover a marina to ‘winter’ in. As I stated earlier the elements gets cold while the seas are harsh.

The Caribbean cruising period is from November to July. Most insurance firms request that ships tend to be from the Caribbean by the first of July. Boaties have the option of finding a hurricane gap – a place that’s is considered safe when a hurricane hits or they need to go above or below the hurricane location.

Other than those very top-level similarities, the Caribbean is substantially different than the Mediterranean!

Into the Caribbean the following are different than sailing round the Mediterranean:

1. Services come to you – Laundry (pick-up and drop off), ice, liquid, diesel, motorboat taxi solution, souvenirs, fruit, veg, seafood, morning meal (croissants, loaves of bread, pastries), pizza and take-away dishes. In over two years of sailing into the Mediterranean, we only had three men and women ever come up to united states providing a service. As soon as in Turkey, an ice cream motorboat emerged over and some times we had anglers drop by our ship asking if we’d always purchase some fresh fish. Inside Caribbean we’ve already been supplied a wide range. Each country or island seemingly have different provides but total, we’ve been approached at each island from Grenada as much as Antiqua with kind of product or service. In certain cases it may be annoying but overall it is great to meet up the locals, that usually are high in personality, and add directly to the benefit of somebody that is gotten down their butt to offer a service in substitution for money.

2. There’s wind and frequently it is constant. When crossing between countries it’s frequently extremely, very strong. In the Med, our knowledge ended up being it was either blowing extremely strong or perhaps not anyway. We motored at the very least half enough time we had been in Med. In the Caribbean we only turn our engine on to leave and enter a mooring. Any sailor that’s already been in other places and entered the Med has been known to suggest that the Med is not outstanding place to sail.

3. Individuals prone to seasickness could have a far more difficult time in Caribbean. Depending on overhead, the wind blows so that the seas are big and kid will they be swelly. When you look at the Mediterranean I got seasick any now and then. Into the Caribbean i need to rest when we sail to avoid turning green more often than not.

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