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Stand-Up Paddleboarding

Operate Paddleboarding is a phenomena removing on west shore. Come july 1st Longshore is bringing the activity from Ca to Long Island Sound. Junior and Adult Program classes may also be provided for all contemplating a lesson before venturing out.

Hobie Getaway

One of the more interesting boats inside our fleet, the Hobie Getaway is a 17' rotomolded catamaran, well suited for the experienced sailor. With a mainsail and a jib, it's larger and roomier than the Hobie Wave. This is the perfect boat for a top performance sail for 2, or even for a great and exciting getaway for the whole household.

Hobie Wave

Very fast, however steady; this motorboat guarantees a damp and wild ride whenever piece of cake accumulates. Recognized for its user friendliness, there are the Wave one of many easiest catamarans to sail. The Hobie Wave can quickly deal with to four grownups, even though it is perfect to sail with only two.

Hunter 140

A household focused day-sailor effective at holding around four individuals. This centerboard vessel designed with both a mainsail and jib is steady and simple to address generally in most conditions. Capsizing is unusual due to the paid down sail area in mainsail. Pack a lunch and leave for a few hours!


This popular design is a well known option for advanced and advanced sailors since it is therefore quickly and effective. A Laser is relatively easy to address in less heavy breezes, but this boat can definitely get-up-and-go as soon as the snap accumulates, which makes it hard to manage if you should ben't experienced. Be prepared to get damp, and perhaps capsize! These ships can hold around two people comfortably, though it is the best to single-hand as a grown-up


Longshore's basic level instructor, the Bug is a favorite of junior sailors. With a rather forgiving roto-molded plastic hull and moderate sail area, the Bug is perfect for juniors who're discovering the basics. In heavy winds, the Bug's primary sail can be reefed, making the vessel simpler to manage. These carry two children or one little adult easily.

Hobie Kayaks (Solitary & Dual)

These boats tend to be quick and nimble, however stable and simple to use. No knowledge necessary. Choose a calming paddle, or get the length and paddle hard building strength and stamina. The most popular leasing boats within fleet; kayaking is the fastest growing recreation inside nation. Test it out for!


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