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Different globe files in fishing have now been set in the Virgin isles including the still-standing IGFA Women’s ‘All-Tackle’ world-record for blue marlin; a 1073 pounder reeled in by Annette Maudi Dallimor on July 6, 1982. These historic captures, some 21 files through the years, tend to be a testament toward great fishing options which exist inside Virgin isles for anglers of all ages and experience amounts.

You will discover basic information regarding fishing reasons in Virgin Islands, seafood species, tournaments and fishing clubs within area. For fishing charters and trips please find the island you're going to be vacationing on: St. Thomas, St. Croix, St. John.

Fishing Reasons

The Virgin isles are perched during the side of the six mile deep Puerto Rico Trench, a location recognized for having a number of the hardiest online game seafood in the world. Two well-known fishing areas off of St. Thomas are the North Drop, about 20 miles north of St. Thomas; therefore the Southern Drop, 8 miles south of St. Thomas. St. Croix is in the middle of a drop that is .5 to 4 miles north or south. Migrating schools of tiny seafood gather in these places, and this attracts bigger pelagics such billfish, Tuna, Wahoo and Dolphin seafood (Mahi-Mahi). “Working the drop” consists of trolling forward and backward throughout the 50-100 fathom depth contour.

Vintage flats fishing tend to be a rareness within the Virgin Islands; though exceptions including the Leinster Bay location on St. John do occur. On St. Croix, which has a narrow under-water shelf off its shores; fishing from small boats very close to the shoreline can be very rewarding. Some recreational fishers have success fishing from coast despite problems considering windy problems, deep drop offs and red coral snags.

Offshore Game Fishing

Offshore online game seafood consist of Blue and White Marlin, Sailfish, Yellowfin Tuna and Wahoo amongst others. A lot of these game seafood strike with little warning and are all proven to offer rather a fight. Marlin will combat all day and so are said to are more hostile the week before and after the full moon. Tuna are also strong seafood. Wahoo are known to strike bait ferociously after which swim out of the ship; they can race as much as 50 kilometers an hour or so!

Atlantic Blue Marlin STT North & South Drop, STX 100 Fathom drop-off, FADs All year, most useful May-October Lures, Ballyhoo, Belly strips, Mackerel
White Marlin All year, best April-May Lures, Ballyhoo, Bellystrips
Sailfish STT North & Southern Drop, STX 100 Fathom disappear October-March
Yellowfin Tuna STT North & Southern Drop, STX 100 Fathom drop-off and all shelf areas, FADs August – February Lures, Ballyhoo Feathers
Blackfin Tuna shelf areas on all countries, FADs All-year Lures, Feathers
Skipjack Tuna Lures, Ballyhoo
Dolphin Fish (mahi-mahi) STT North & South Drop, shelf areas on all countries, FADs October-January (peak season) May, July Lures, Ballyhoo, Flying Fish
Wahoo All-year, best September-May

Inshore Game Fishing

Inshore online game fishing could be the mainstay of leisure fishing for site visitors and residents alike and is a custom when you look at the Virgin isles. Inshore online game seafood consist of Barracuda, Bonefish, Kingfish, Mackerel, Snook and Tarpon. Options for inshore fishing include fly rod, top water bait and trolling. Bonefish tend to be slightly trickier to catch while they hide around corals making for a simple snag of the hook/line.

Bonito (Little Tunny) many inshore places, drop-offs and around schools of bait fish All year, most readily useful January-May Fry, feathers
Barracuda reef & lender areas Lures, spoons, ballyhoo
Hardnose most inshore areas and around schools of bait fish and FADs April-September Fry, small feathers
Club Jack many inshore places and around schools of bait fish Fry, squid, ballyhoo, feathers
Crevalle Jack STX 100 Fathom drop off, many inshore areas and around schools of bait fish Fry, squid
Rainbow Runner STT North and Southern Drops, reefs & financial institutions, FADs April – September
Yellowtail Snapper near reefs & lender places Fry, cut bait
Kingfish reefs, most mid-shelf places and drop-offs All year, most useful February-May Ballyhoo, fry, skirts
Cero Near coast, reefs Lures, feathers, fry, ballyhoo

The principal target of shallow-water fishing and level fishing inside Virgin isles include Barracuda, Jacks and Permit. Bonefish and Tarpon may preferred captures in shallow oceans, but they are catch and release just. Snook are caught sometimes.

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