Boat Valeting


Your own time is valuable; free time is brief. Invest your sailing time actually boating!

Avoid the delays and hassles of the ship ramp, the trouble of a regular dock and get rid of the effort of
cleansing times, or even months, of dust, insects and cobwebs from your watercraft.

Let us care for your vessel in order to develop thoughts that only a great day from the water can produce. Whether cruising throughout the Bay or cresting a wake on your new water toy, it's the full time on-board your boat that basically matters.

As a member of Boat Valet, a phone call have your vessel in water when you arrive at the marina. !Boat Valet provider When you return from your own time on the liquid, we haul your boat; and return it wiped down, covered, and secure to our storage building until your next adventure.

Boat Valet works seven days per week, from 8:00am till 6:00pm from June 1st until September 30th. Assuring you could spend your sailing time really boating in place of hauling and cleaning.

Providers included with your Boat Valet Membership:

  • Publish and secure your motorboat at our Valet dock
  • Year-round storage
  • Retrieve your watercraft from our Valet dock, cover and keep your watercraft
  • Sustain your boat,
Boat Valet provider

Top off fuel (gas price maybe not included)
Generate the holding container
Hold batteries recharged

Irish Boat Shop’s Service handles ships up to 26 legs which are on a road-worthy trailer for $199.00 per foot of size overall (minimal charges apply). Pricing includes unlimited releases, and year round storage space at our safe center. If you don’t need wintertime storage, discounts are available.

We request 90 mins of advance notice via a dedicated phone number to assure that your particular ship is prepared upon your arrival at marina.


Boat LOA Annual Valet Fee 0 to 18' $3, 582 19' $3, 781 20' $3, 980 21' $4, 179 22' $4, 378 23' $4, 577 24' $4, 776 25' $4, 975 26' $5, 174

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