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Parking Prices
Seaport Elite II offers an $12.00 price for parking during the Seaport resort Parking Garage for supper guests Monday - Friday JUST! visitors must go into the Seaport resort Parking Garage after 5:00 PM and exit just before 11:00 PM. Please be sure to deliver your parking solution to you therefore it is stamped at our ticket booth. It's important for discounted parking. After all other times parking is $21.00 for approximately 6 hours. Additionally, there are outside parking lots on Northern Avenue and Seaport Boulevard that do not offer discounts. Parking prices there vary from $7 to $10 daily. Prices are subject to change.


From Points North via I-93:

  • Proceeding southbound on Interstate 93 Boston, just take Exit 23, Purchase Street and transfer to the remaining lane.
  • Towards the top of the ramp, simply take a kept turn on the Evelyn Moakley Bridge/Seaport Boulevard.
  • Follow Seaport Boulevard for approximately .8 kilometers.
  • The Seaport Boulevard entrance toward Seaport Garage will likely be on the right, after the Seaport Boulevard/B Street intersection.
  • The Spirit of Boston is docked during the Seaport World Trade Center at Commonwealth Pier.

UPDATE - From Points Southern via I-93:

  • Going northbound on I-93 towards Boston, simply take Exit 20, which will be right after Exit 18.
  • Follow the indications to "I-90 East." Take the very first tunnel exit, Exit 25, to "Southern Boston."
  • In the very first pair of lights near the top of the ramp, proceed directly onto East provider Road.
  • On next collection of lights, take a right onto Seaport Boulevard. The Seaport Boulevard entry into the Seaport Garage may be on the right, after the Seaport Boulevard/B Street intersection.

From Points West via Storrow Drive:

  • Just take Storrow Drive East to Leverett Circle and follow signs for Interstate 93 South/Logan Airport.
  • Once on Interstate 93 South, take instructions from "Points North".

UPGRADE - FROM Points Western via I-90:

  • Follow the Massachusetts Turnpike/Interstate 90 East to Exit 25 – South Boston.
  • near the top of the ramp, bear left towards Seaport Boulevard.
  • In the very first set of lights, continue directly onto East Service Road.
  • At after that set of lights, simply take a right onto Seaport Boulevard.

From Logan International Airport and Route 1A South:

  • Stick to the signs towards I-90 western - Ted Williams Tunnel.
  • Use the Ted Williams Tunnel to Exit 25.
  • Near the top of the ramp proceed right onto B Street. Follow B Street to the end and simply take the right onto Seaport Boulevard.

From Public Transport:

  • From South Station, make the MBTA Silver Line Waterfront (one amount above the Red Line, one underneath the meals court) to World Trade Center facility.
  • Take the stairs/escalators/elevators to the second level and exit onto World Trade Center Ave.

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