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April 22, 2015 by kevinw

This gorgeous, buff-hulled 80-foot, Twenties-style yacht provides beauty and convenience, wrapped in turn-of-the-century tradition. She is loaded with teak porches and mahogany trim. The woman spectacular cabin features an all-glass observatory, cushioned seating, conversation-friendly tables, and a well appointed bar; that give you along with your guests with stunning panoramic views within climate-controlled convenience.

The Yacht New york comes with a sound system throughout providing the most luxurious narrated trips offered on the water: the AIANY Architecture Tours, Bridge & Infrastructure Tours and also the classic Statue & Skyline Tours, to name a few.

Down below is the full service galley, enabling the as a most well known place for private charters. She hosts corporate cocktail events, rehearsal dinners, weddings and lots of a birthday bash. She is ideal for up to 75 visitors in mild weather or over to 50 in harsher seasons.

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