Sailing Yacht Design

High performance sailing yacht

This subject shows pupils, having a short curiosity about cruising design, how-to design great yachts. Subjects covered consist of hydrostatics, transverse stability, plus the incorporation for the design spiral into your working methods. Computer aided design (CAD) is employed to design the shapes of hulls, appendages and decks, and it is an essential part with this program. The capstone task in this training course is the Final Design Project in which each pupil designs a sailing boat, full in every major areas.

The main product because of this subject may be the content of guide Principals of Yacht Design by Larssson and Eliasson (see additional information inside syllabus). Most of the class lectures depend on the materials inside book. The figures into the book which are shown in course (but not reproduced on this website), retain the crucial material and their particular definition is explained in detail through the lecture sessions. Mastery associated with the product when you look at the guide and finishing a design project gives the desired and needed knowledge.

This course was initially available in Course 13 (Department of Ocean Engineering) as 13.734. In 2005, ocean manufacturing subjects became part of program 2 (Department of Mechanical Engineering), and this program was renumbered 2.996.

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