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Address: Airport Path, Airport Company Center Floor No.2,

P.O Package 66 Beirut.

Tel: 56/7

Other Department: Airport Path, Sahel Center, Dealing With Sahel Hospital, Block The, Ground floor.

Tel: 00961 1 843357

Lebanon Workplace Positive Aspect and Providers:

Air Charter Service.

Supplying plane at a moment’s notice.

ROAD FREIGHT (Cross-border trucking).

water FREIGHT.

Air Charter Service:

The Cargo Charter specialists globally recognized title in 7seas chartering solution.

With cargo charter offices situated in Amman, Beirut, Dubai & Hong Kong – Asia, you may be assured that individuals will discover an ideal plane open to you globally.

Supplying aircraft at a moment’s notice:

Regardless of nature of the company, 7seas can rapidly supply the right aircraft to do the job.

Light jet and turbo-prop aircraft for small lots

Bigger aircraft for cumbersome and outsize freight

Freight delivered within hours.

7seas is specialist at organizing charter flights towards parts of the world which are challenging attain – and usually need specific arrangements and planning. Urgent “GO NOW”.

ROADWAY FREIGHT (Cross-border trucking):

7seas Lebanon offers a strong mix of cargo solutions that people can custom tailor to satisfy business’s unique cargo needs. In the event that you ship between Lebanon plus the whole area, Global cargo and Logistics gets the right cargo solution for you.

Our transportation services focus on prompt awareness of our clients’ needs. Our knowledgeable transport staff will begin to figure out the absolute most efficient method to go your freight and we’ll supply a strong, competitive price estimate. After that from the moment we pick-up your cargo we handle the complete cargo procedure – dispatching, coping with your representative for edge approval, and proactively tracing your freight right through to a fast, secure on-time delivery, to neighboring nations like Syria, chicken, Iraq, UAE, Qatar, Bahrain, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia

water FREIGHT:

As independent cargo forwarders we bargain with shipping businesses to obtain the most readily useful prices and alternatives for moving their FCL (Full Container Load) and LCL (significantly less than Container Load) shipments around the globe.

The reason we are in Lebanon:

Lebanon is a tiny, mountainous country in the Middle East. After independence in 1943, Lebanon prospered as a banking, resort, and university center. It's estimated that two-thirds of the resident population are Muslim, with the rest becoming Christian. No census was taken since 1932 as a result of governmental susceptibility over religious association. Combat between Christian and Muslim militias escalated into civil war from 1975 to 1991. Democracy was restored in 1992—allocating government opportunities predicated on religion. Through the civil war both Israel and Syria sent troops into Lebanon. Israel withdrew its military in 2000, and Syria withdrew its causes in 2005.


  • Industry: Banking, food processing, precious jewelry, cement, fabrics, mineral and chemical products
  • Agriculture: Citrus, red grapes, tomatoes, oranges; sheep
  • Exports: Foodstuffs and cigarette, textiles, chemical compounds, valuable stones, steel services and products

Lebanon’s economic climate uses a laissez-faire model. A lot of the economic climate is dollarized, and also the nation does not have any restrictions in the movement of capital across its edges. The Lebanese government’s intervention in international trade is minimal.

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