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Reality # 1: Charter schools are public schools.

Charter schools are community schools as defined in federal and state law. They need to meet the exact same scholastic requirements that public schools

are required to satisfy. Charter schools tend to be:
  • Tuition-free and ready to accept all students.
  • Non-sectarian, plus don't discriminate on any basis.
  • Openly funded by neighborhood, condition, and national taxation dollars centered on registration, like many community schools.
  • Held responsible to state and national scholastic criteria.

As free community schools of choice, charter schools:

  • Never engage in discerning admissions policies.
  • Must take all students, including pupils with handicaps and English students (ELs), despite past scholastic overall performance.
  • Use a procedure to arbitrarily select pupils, often a lotto system, if there are many interested pupils than readily available seating.

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Sample Facebook Post: Charters Institutes Are Public Schools!
Did you know charter public schools are tuition-free and ready to accept all pupils? Yup, they truly are! Charters schools are openly financed like most other public school, but they are because of the freedom to-be much more revolutionary while nonetheless becoming held responsible for increasing pupil success. Support for charters is up based on a unique PDK/Gallup poll revealing that help for charter schools has already reached around 70 per cent in 2014 - up from 68 per cent in 2013. Watch our #TruthAboutCharters movie .


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Reality number 2: Charter schools provide all students.

A standard misconception persists that charter schools skim or cherry-pick the most effective students from standard public schools. This will be false! The truth is that charter schools tend to be general public schools that serve all pupils who would like to go to. Charter schools are committed to serving students body that reflects your local community.

According to the Ca division of knowledge (CDE), during 2014-15 school year:

  • 56per cent of of charter school pupils qualify for free and paid off lunch (FRL)
  • 49% are Hispanic/Latino
  • 30per cent are White
  • 17percent tend to be English Language students (ELL)
  • 12% are other (Asian, Indian, Pacific Islander, Filipino, Multi-racial subgroups)
  • 9per cent are African American

By-law, charter schools cannot have admission procedures that unlawfully discriminate against students. If there are many students who want to attend than you can find seating offered, a charter school uses an activity to randomly select students, oftentimes a lottery system.

Across the condition, English Language pupils, African American students and Latino pupils are signed up for charter schools which can be more likely than standard schools to be on the list of toppercent of greatest performing schools when you look at the state. These high-performing charter schools serve:

  • 20percent more English Language Learners,
  • 19% more African United states Students, and
  • 17% more Latino students than do traditional schools.

Charter schools are focused on providing pupils with excellent needs. And because they are designed to do have more versatility than conventional community schools, charter schools are exclusively in a position to offer revolutionary, top-notch academic solutions to students with exclusive discovering requirements. Discover more.

Sample Twitter Article: Charter Institutes Serve each Pupils!
Some individuals believe charter schools only pick just the "best pupils." Fake! The truth is that charter schools tend to be available to each pupils who want to go to. Charter schools tend to be dedicated to offering students human body that reflects the neighborhood neighborhood. In reality, charter school pupils basically since diverse (racially and economically) as students whom attend traditional area schools. By-law, charter schools cannot have entry procedures that unlawfully discriminate against pupils. If there are many pupils who would like to attend than you will find chairs offered, a charter college use an ongoing process to arbitrarily choose students, frequently a lottery system. View our #TruthAboutCharters video .

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Reality no. 3: Charter schools provide English Language students

A recently available report by CCSA found that charter schools tend to be helping English Learner "EL" pupils fare better in school. The report, triumph for English Learners in Charter institutes, discovered that across Ca, EL students are performing better in charter schools compared to old-fashioned schools.

Charter schools statewide may serve a somewhat smaller portion of EL pupils. However in urban areas, independent (autonomous) charter schools provide somewhat more than, or about similar wide range of, EL students as standard schools.

  • Charter schools in San Jose serve more ELs than traditional schools (51percent vs. 28%).
  • In LAUSD, separate charter schools serve 1percent more EL pupils than conventional schools.
  • Charter schools in Oakland and hillcrest Unified class Districts offer a comparable portion of ELs given that local college area (within 3per cent).

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