Mega Yachts charter

Mega Yacht Charter in Caribbeancost-free is spared in the design and building of the one-of-a type mega yachts that stretch from 100 to over 300 foot long. They provide the greatest in marine technology, design, entertainment and recreational equipment. Every individual owner invests huge amount of money purchasing, ensemble, and maintain their yacht. For a portion of the price, you can be the “owner” of 1 of the yachts for weekly or two.

Exclusivity, Privacy, and Impeccable Service: Despite their grand size, each mega boat just sleeps to 12 guests instantaneously which guarantees extraordinary room, service, and deluxe for every single guest. These yachts tend to be from the “Lifestyles of this Rich and Famous” and therefore are created for more discerning traveler that is looking for exclusivity, flawless solution, extraordinary pampering, exquisite hotels, and state-of-the-art every thing.

Custom Interiors: The interiors are made by popular designers and have original artwork, stunning craftsmanship, customized illumination and sound, and one-of-a type furnitures. Onboard safety systems tend to be topnotch making sure your privacy and security. Communication and office methods permit you to easily mix business with pleasure… for those who simply cannot quite escape it all. Whether you'll need multiple VIP cabins, kids’ cabins, a cabin for safety or nannies, another office, a gym, a spa, or a cinema, we've yachts that match your requirements.

Extraordinary Deckspace and Great Watersports: The yachts’ outside boasts several porches with al fresco dining places, lounging and tanning decks, Jacuzzi, and a boatload of watersports toys including a sizable towed tender for shoreside trips, watersports trips, and sport fishing and snorkel gear, waterskis, tubes, wakeboards, waverunners, and kayaks. Simply request what you want therefore we may have it up to speed.

Professional, Discreet, and Fun-Loving Crews: The staff size varies combined with the size of the boat. A normal crew on a 100’ boat includes a licensed captain, very first mate, engineer, stewardess, and world-class trained cook. An average 200’ yacht might have a crew of ten, providing a 1:1 staff to visitor proportion. The ondeck crews are proficient in navigation, protection and seamanship. The inside staff tend to be trained to provide a top level of attentive and discreet service. A few of the staff members additionally act as watersports teachers, shoreside guides, and concierge. Once you are onboard, they handle every one of the everyday details to ensure your vacation is carefree. Some of our SuperYachts have masseuses, artists, hair stylists, and dive teachers.

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