Aluminium Yachtbuilders

Custom built sailing yachts

There is lots to-be stated for aluminium as a material for building yachts:

Aluminium is a lightweight material. It weighs in at 3 times not as much as metal. Which means the hull may consider to 50percent less. a lighter hull provides much better overall performance, a shallow draught, lower gas consumption, less money outlay for engine and propulsion systems.

Powerful and safe
Aluminium ensures a stiff and strong ship. Though it features a slightly lower tensile energy, the strength vs weight ratio of aluminum is the same as that of metal. There's notably less risk of a hole within the hull when it comes to a collision, than with a fibreglass hull. This is why aluminium yachts safer yachts, particularly when at sea, when distances to reach the shore and emergency help are often vast.

Lengthy service life
Aluminium does not rust. Aluminium reacts rapidly aided by the oxygen floating around. This leads to a thin level of aluminium oxide on the outside associated with the material. Further contact with air inside the aluminium component is created impossible. Thus, the steel won't be suffering from corrosion. The earliest aluminum sea-going yacht - built in 1936 - remains very much afloat.

an aluminum hull is rigid and small afflicted with vibration. An aluminium hull acts well in hefty swell and choppy seas.

Low-to-zero maintenance prices
an aluminium boat does not have to be painted, which reduces building and upkeep expenses. An aluminium hull is simple to repair and it has little vulnerability to small flaws such as for instance scratches.

Versatile building material
Glassfibre yachts are designed by using a mould. The mould's size can't be varied, and every hull made from this mould is strictly the same as its predecessor. Mass-produced yachts are built in this way. An aluminium hull is built by itself deck and frames and each yacht can thus be tailored towards individual buyer's needs. Changes might even be made through the building stage. Aluminium is not difficult to deform, which makes it possible to build complex round bilge hulls.

Tall trade-in value

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