Annapolis Yacht Charters

waterfront wedding outside marriageSince 1998, Chesapeake Bay-based Pintail Yachts has furnished the enchantment behind lots and lots of activities in the Baltimore, Annapolis, D.C. and Philadelphia location - from intimate weddings to luxurious business functions.

As soon as we began we set ourselves the daunting aim of providing the many spectacular supper cruising service available in the Chesapeake Bay region. In an area well-known for its lively liquid while the boats that move upon them, which was no tiny order.

Assembling a classic fleet of luxury yachts had been a good start, and utilizing the stunning beauty of your region as an event environment did not hurt. But another thing made our endeavor unique: our vision to make our cruises of these extraordinary high quality and price that we is in competitors without any one.

55 acres of picturesque landscape accented with normal vegetation, scenic lake views and a variety of unique gazebos.

The unique food and solution of a 5 star restaurant, on a yacht cruise in the middle of dazzling Chesapeake Bay views.

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