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Horizon Yacht Charters Antigua

Sunsail’s base at Nelson’s Dockyard in Antigua, could be the perfect kick off point for an Antigua bareboat sailing holiday, ingesting Antigua and Barbuda – both neighboring countries that collectively make up the country of Antigua.

a yacht charter here offers a blend of blue water cruising and short hops from bay to bay in cozy, constant trade winds.

Antigua integrates lovely beaches and dazzling bird and wildlife with serious nightlife. Lush Barbuda is more tranquil, with pink coral sands while the possiblity to snorkel over colorful coral reefs and look for eagle and sting rays.

Antigua Race Week, among world’s biggest cruising events, is renowned for world-class race and all-night partying and happens to the end of April / beginning of May annually.

  • Beach BBQ’s and live music
  • Gorgeous sandy beaches
  • Underwater finding
  • Antigua Race Few Days
  • Tropical wildlife
Sailing in Antigua

A Sunsail sailing vacation in Antigua may be the perfect way to use the magnificent conditions that are making Antigua one of the world’s pre-eminent yachting locations and a popular with sailors just who return year after year for more fun – on land as well as on water.

An Antigua yacht charter would work for confident sailors with reasonable previous experience. Winds from November to May are generally north-easterly, including 15 – 20 knots (17 – 23 miles per hour). Temperature average 77 - 82 F (25 - 28 C) year-round.

What exactly is included ?

To make sure that you receive the most out of your Antigua Yacht Charter, we prepared all of our yachts while using the greatest specification gear to assist provide comfort, overall performance and enjoyable onboard; so all of that’s left to perform is relax and luxuriate in your sailing vacation with family and friends.

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