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The natural splendor of St Vincent and the Grenadines is unrivaled

You will find 32 islands and cays that comprise St. Vincent together with Grenadines (SVG). 9 of these islands tend to be inhabited, like the mainland St. Vincent combined with the Grenadines countries: younger Island, Bequia, Mustique, Canouan, Union Island, Mayreau, Petit St Vincent and Palm Island.

The wonderful Tobago Cays Marine Park is also found in the Grenadines. Offering the classic Caribbean white sand beaches, coconut palm woods and deliciously the sunshine throughout every season plus the perfect trade winds, it’s no surprise it's becoming a real hot spot for sailors and adventurers alike.

St Vincent lies about 80 miles west of Barbados and about 25 kilometers south of St Lucia. It’s at the entry level of the Windward Islands regarding the Lesser Antilles, roughly halfway between Antigua and Venezuela. The island has dazzling hill scenery, with dramatic gorges and precipices, and thick, rich rain forest. Initially, the area was inhabited by Carib Indians which labeled as it “Hairoun” – “Home of the Blessed”.

The north end of the area is dominated by Soufriere, a 3, 000 base active volcano which last erupted on Friday 13th April 1979. It was the 3rd eruption of the century although residents were evacuated with time and there were no casualties.

St Vincent is a most gorgeous island, unspoiled along with almost theatrical views. The Botanical Gardens would be the earliest inside Western hemisphere and it was here that Captain Bligh brought the breadfruit following the mutiny from the Bounty incident. An immediate descendant for the initial tree is on screen throughout the area.

Why you should begin your charter from St. Vincent

There are lots of reasons why you should start your charter in St Vincent in the place of from Grenada or St. Lucia. Here are some:

  • Save $ and hassle. We’re directly on the doorstep of the Grenadines. Choosing to start your charter from St Vincent indicates your first knee to gorgeous Bequia is just 9 kilometers away. You'll have gorgeous line of picture cruising in the most common of the sailing vacation. Flying into St Vincent may save considerable added cost and hassle. Beginning with St Lucia towards the north means that you’re probably need to start your charter with a 68-mile sail, including a 5-hour open-ocean passageway, in order to reach the Grenadines. Similarly, beginning with Grenada will entail a 6 or 7 time sail, including a 3 time open-ocean passageway – and in most cases tough regarding the wind – to achieve Carriacou, firstly the Grenadines north of Grenada. It’s not a terrific way to begin a charter, particularly if you have inexperienced guests within celebration.
  • No customs or immigration. Starting from Grenada or St Lucia also means that you're planning to have to go through Customs and Immigration clearance procedures whenever entering or leaving St Vincent & The Grenadines. These processes may be expensive and time intensive and will also force that stop at a particular Port of Entry whenever entering or leaving the St Vincent Grenadines.
  • Save important holiday time. Beginning St Vincent leaves you right on the doorstep of Grenadines. Bequia is only an hour’s sail-over the channel. You’ve worked hard for your holiday, and every day matters. There are no Customs and Immigration approval demands when sailing within St Vincent & The Grenadines, no approval fees to pay, no types to fill in and email.

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