Bay of Islands Yacht Charters

Bay of Islands MapThe Bay of Islands is 120 kilometers by ocean north of Auckland. By road it really is a four-hour drive or by jet, a one-hour journey, north of Auckland. Ask the Team in the Luxury Charter Group about private transfers.

The Bay of Islands has actually a far more temperate environment than Auckland, very nearly sub-tropical. Aptly called, the Bay is studded with islands supplying an area of assorted geographical beauty and unspoiled sailing reasons. You can find innumerable anchorages, great fishing and scuba diving and white sandy beaches within sheltered seas.

The Bay of isles being further north, typically constantly seems to attract warmer conditions and sunnier heavens than Auckland therefore the Hauraki Gulf.


New Zealand's weather is temperate. Local plumber to just take a yacht charter in brand new Zealand is between the warmer, drier months of November and April. The prevailing winds are from the westerly quadrant, south-west through north-west Beaufort 1- 4 between November and April. There is certainly a tidal range of two metres.

Luxury Charter Group Services

THE LUXURY CHARTER GROUP is going to make making plans for your yacht charter effortless and enjoyable. Our Charter Team has actually physically sailed in New Zealand usually during the past 30-years so our company is up to date to share with you about favourite anchorages, locations to see and things you can do.

THE LUXURY CHARTER GROUP can advise in your journeys around New Zealand plus accommodation pre and post your yacht charter, assure you make your best holiday contacts to your charter boat.

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