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The Biscayne woman is a 111-foot, 400-passenger Austal-manufactured luxury yacht-built using advanced marine construction technology. This new $5 million vessel functions a 45-foot beam and 8-foot ceilings. The Biscayne woman, featuring its catamaran created twin hulls, provides the many steady and comfortable cruising experience on Biscayne Bay. The vessel's 45-foot beam and 8-foot ceilings maximize its ultra-modern inside and outside rooms to deliver three grand decks going to fulfill your most demanding celebration needs.

The Biscayne woman is a perfect site to hold a multifaceted occasion. Our interior lighting effects is dimmed generate the right night cocktail-party. Our stereo system has the ability to play three various songs configurations on each associated with the three amounts. The very first degree may be set on salsa music whilst the lounge may be playing reggae when it comes to mellower group while the top deck could be blaring '70s disco songs whilst Lady skims along Biscayne Bay.

The sky deck is considered the most well-known area on our vessel, and with good reason. Offering a nearly unobstructed 360-degree panoramic view of surrounding environment, guests tend to be delighted by the open air, obvious skies, and also the scenic vistas across the South Florida shoreline. The ever-changing view out of this top deck is actually spectacular as our woman winds its means along our emerald waterways.

Our three easily located pubs succeed unlikely you'll ever before need to watch for a drink. There are 2 primary pubs regarding the very first amount and something club from the lounge amount for easy accessibility. In addition, you can find three staircases between each floor to facilitate the movement of traffic during our bigger charters.

For dinner, there's nothing occur stone. You'll custom layout any occasion. A million options are available. Whether you wish food stations or a sit down supper, you will take pleasure in the views from every spot in the living area.


  • 111' Austal made deluxe yacht
  • Accommodates to 400 guests
  • State-of-the-art audio/visual equipment
  • State-of-the-art marine technology
  • 45' beam and 8' ceilings
  • Catamaran-designed twin hulls
  • 3 grand porches
  • Modern interior/exterior

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