CYOA Yacht Charters

Sailing the BVI On a Hunter

a pre-owned CYOA boat has many distinct benefits across competition, including over privately-owned yachts. For instance:

CYOA yachts tend to be regularly and well-maintained

• For over three decades we have been providing a quality holiday knowledge for the guests, lots of who come back every year. Our reputation hinges on our ships looking and operating their utmost each time. This care goes on up to their day of sale—our ships aren't overlooked in a few dirty, tropical boatyard.
• We keep an entire upkeep and make use of history of every vessel within our fleet, which our company is pleased to share with qualified buyers.

Financial Benefits
• Just like our new yachts, pre-owned vessels are sold without product sales taxation or import responsibility (if foreign built). Whenever a boat is imported into the American, taxes and responsibility might due in those days, during the vessel’s depreciated worth. If you’re planning to cruise the Caribbean or other foreign harbors – don’t worry about it!
Included Value – you can get more for your $$
• When a yacht is in the beginning bought for positioning in our fleet, it provides extra equipment and gear that isn't available on standard designs. These things vary by design, but continue to be because of the yacht to provide more value for you. A full selection of equipment and specs are obtainable using the information for each yacht.

Service Following The Sale – Extended Privileges
• do you want to add extra gear towards yacht? You can easily assist CYOA to incorporate brand-new or enhanced gear at costs lower than you would find in the event that you attempted this yourself via “long distance”.
• CYOA can perhaps work to you to caretake your yacht when you wrap-up obligations state-side to ready for your first extended cruise.
• CYOA is well-connected with expert distribution team and that can help you request your yacht is delivered to your marina of choice—anywhere on the planet!

These pre-owned yachts tend to be leaving the CYOA fleet, are quite ready to cruise the Caribbean, consequently they are currently available!

This two-cabin trawler may be the perfect dimensions for a couple that really wants to cruise the hawaiian islands in convenience. The generator and inverter were new in 2008, and she has more improvements.

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