Deo Juvante Yacht charter

Deo Juvante - Newport Beach:

Deo Juvante Sunday Brunch Cruise. We bought a price reduction coupon for Sunday Brunch Cruise that lasted 2 hours. The boat features 2 porches. Lower deck is enclosed top deck is covered for color but additionally open-air. Purchase with coupon included 1 beverage simple of ou choice. Yacht is clean and crew have become friendly. Waiters would walk-around boat to take drink requests you were charged for after initial beverage. Price ended up being $7.00 bucks and up. This cruise should not be marketed as Brunch but as a Light Continental provider. With emphasis on light. Hot alternatives not available. You're given a tiny styrofoam plate plus choice for brunch things will be the after. Bagels, different cream cheese spreads, pastries, croissants, granola, and yogurt. You can toast bagel but toaster was damaged.

Cruise thru Newport Harbor was wonderful with music played in history. We paid a total of $40.00 bucks for brunch and cruise with no-cost beverage. Value the purchase price but do pay retail with this getaway of $70.00 each. In general a beautiful day but advertisement didn't surpass objectives.

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