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Guadeloupe lies at 16 degrees fifteen minutes north latitude and 61 degrees 34 moments west longitude, and is area of the Leeward Islands. The island is geographically unique because of its butterfly shape. The eastern wing is Grand-Terre. Pointe-à-Pitre, the area's biggest city, is within the southeastern corner and it is the biggest market of tourism.

The western wing is Basse-Terre, that is less developed and dominated by a nationwide park. A narrow station labeled as the Salt River separates the 2 halves associated with the area. You will find rolling industries of sugarcane, but amazing rainforests aswell, which many unusual and colorful species of birds and creatures call house.

Snorkelers and scuba divers is captivated by the variety of marine and coral life when you look at the pristine, azure waters that surround the hawaiian islands that make up Guadeloupe. Foodies will enjoy the delicious and unique cuisine, which can be a blend of French and Creole impacts.

From the quieter, nearby countries, most residents nonetheless wear standard Creole gown and mix of African, European and East Indian countries makes for a melting pot of good appeal and pleasure.

a fantasy Yacht Charter bareboat sailing holiday on Guadeloupe could be the perfect family members, or intimate trip. Make certain you cannot skip the breathtaking Crayfish waterfall. Afterwards, you'll linger for swimming in its refreshing pools. For a far more dramatic picture check out the south of Basse-Terre and go to the popular 350-foot Carbet Waterfalls.

From our base at Pointe-à-Pitre, sailors can go south, plotting a program through untouched countries with amazing rainforests. If you should be more interested in cruising than sightseeing, mind north for more challenging blue-water cruising.

The Jacques Cousteau Underwater Reserve when you look at the oceans close to Pigeon Island features a good amount of colorful coral woodlands and marine life. The undersea playground is regarded as among the best plunge sites worldwide.

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