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Catana 50 Dream Yacht Charters

The BVI is certainly the preferred playing field within the Caribbean, with protected oceans, achingly gorgeous scenery and near constant trade-winds. The anchorages are famous you state, really, imagine if we said three you have got probably not been to?

BENURES BAY: This anchorage on north-east side of Norman Island is both secluded and comfortable in settled weather condition. The snorkeling close to shore is interesting and teaming with sea life. You'll have a nice peaceful night here maybe not interrupted because of the rowdy goings-on within the Bight.

KEY BAY: on south-side of Peter Island, White Bay is seldom checked out, and is a great instantly anchorage. After moving Rogers Point change northeast to tuck in behind the northwest part of Key Cay to anchor in about 5 foot of sand. Landing is discouraged while the beach is personal home, although anchorage is a rather unique and quiet destination. This is one of my personal favorite anchorages, purely because so few individuals come right here.

LEE BAY: On Great Camanoe’s western side of the isthmus that divides the north and southern finishes of the island lies Lee Bay. If approaching through minimal Camanoe Passage, head northeast and proceed with the shoreline toward the anchorage at Lee Bay. Usually do not miss the stone formations ashore to the right because make your change to the anchorage. Mind in to about 14 feet of water and drop the hook into the sand. It really is a safe and comfortable anchorage in regular weather condition.


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