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Sunsail’s base inside southern Adriatic is found in Dubrovnik, a historical medieval town that recently became a by-word for effortless cool and laid-back posh.

A Dubrovnik bareboat yacht charter is the perfect way to explore the Dalmatian shore, maybe ingesting the stunning area of Lokrum or even the Elafiti Islands with their many superficial meal stops, ideal for cycling, tanning, snorkeling and great, easy food.

Proceeding North, a Dubrovnik bareboat sailing holiday enables you to explore the historical towns and sleepy fishing villages of Sipan, the national park of Mljet and Korcula, a hub of social activity, with great shops, bars and restaurants.

  • Stunning Dubrovnik old city – globe history site
  • Korcula
  • Radiant social cities
  • Breathtaking islands
  • Secluded white sand bays
Sailing in Dubrovnik

Dubrovnik is ideal for scenic coastal cruising. The beautiful weather, easy line-of-sight navigation and hot hospitality of Croatian men and women have very long made Dubrovnik a popular location for all looking for a relaxed bareboat cruising getaway.

During the summer, the winds are generally constant and from a north-westerly way, which range from 10 – 20 knots (11 – 26 mph). The tidal range is minimal and summertime conditions typical 77 - 82 F (25 – 28 C).

Please be aware that the Croatian authorities require an ICC, ASA or RYA Day Skipper certification as the very least to charter a watercraft right here.

What is included ?

To ensure that you can get the most out of your Dubrovnik Yacht Charter, we have equipped our yachts using the greatest requirements equipment to greatly help provide comfort, overall performance and fun onboard; so all that’s left for you to do is unwind and enjoy your cruising vacation with family.

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Where can one charter a yacht in Croatia?

There are many ways to charter a yacht in Croatia. One way is very
simple and direct; there is a website dedicated to helping people
charter a yacht in Croatia, and it is called YNG Yachting.

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