Star Yachts

Maximum speed

3, 080 G

Optimum atmospheric rate

1, 000 km/h

Hyperdrive score

Course 0.5


Armored non-reflective hull

Navigation system


Cargo capability

100 metric tons

Manufactured because of the SoroSuub Corporation throughout the increase of the brand new Republic, The Horizon-class celebrity Yacht ended up being one of SoroSuub's manufacturing triumphs. While certain design aspects were built from the themes visible in SoroSuub's type of individual deluxe Yachts, the Horizon-class was a true paradigm in design.

Like deluxe 3000, the Horizon-class boat was made with deluxe in your mind. While both vessels featured an upper-level observance deck, one significant distinction between the 2 designs had been the cockpit. While the PLY 3000's seat ended up being a lot more of a bridge-type construction, one amount underneath the observation deck, the Horizon ended up being designed with a dorsal seat, similar to compared to a starfighter than a yacht or a freighter. Sitting on a forward point on the primary fuselage, the pyramidal seat had bit in the form of standing area and sitting just three crew: a pilot, a co-pilot, and a navigator.

Another regarding the Horizon's unique design features had been both gear pods in the "wings", expanding through the upper portion of the fuselage. Generally speaking, these pods were configured to house sensor units or other avionics methods, though it absolutely was not uncommon to allow them to hold incognito weapons. Particular samples of Horizon-class celebrity Yachts had been also fitted with laser cannon turrets (generally speaking flanking the cockpit). One example, Mara Jade's, had been even known to have now been modified to mount a torpedo launcher.

One function the Horizon did have as a common factor along with its forebears were its motor wing pods. While smaller compared to the engine pods regarding the PLY 3000, the Horizon's ion motors made with regards to their smaller frame with an increase in power.

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