Wherry Yacht charter

Hathor (1905) is our sole Pleasure Wherry, built by Daniel Hall for Colman category of Norwich. She features a black hull and spectacular Egyptian-themed ornamental elements. Wherry Yachts Olive (1909), Norada (1912) and White Moth (1915) are cousin vessels, all built by Ernest Collins of Wroxham when it comes to hire trade. These are typically recognisable by their graceful white hull and roomy counter-stern. Ardea (1927), additionally a pleasure wherry, could be the largest and youngest of this fleet, and also the just wherry manufactured from teak.

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  • Norada can be obtained for time and domestic charters. She underwent considerable hull and architectural work in 2007-2009, accompanied by interior restoration and updating of fuel, electric and other systems, and finally outside work including replacement regarding the lino on her decks and coach roof. She returned to water in 2012 at Salhouse wide. Norada works on charters and planned sailings.
  • Olive can be obtained for time and residential charters. She has in addition seen work on her hull, albeit less substantial than Norada's, as well as the woman inside and above porches. Her return had been formally marked at Ranworth in 2013, cruising alongside the woman sisters Norada and Olive, and trading wherry Maud. Olive runs on charters and scheduled sailings.
  • White Moth can be acquired for day and domestic charters. She actually is privately had, but will likely be operated by WYC for charter reasons until at the very least 2016. She arrived in good cruising order but has already established different modifications made since her past ownership, including reverting to traditional lino on her behalf mentor roofing, eliminating her old NBYC mast tints, and crafting an innovative new vane of metal initials to suit her sisters. Throughout the winter months of 2012-13 the lady wood keel (the last remaining on the list of wherry yachts) had been replaced with a steel one - John Parker typed a blog entry concerning the process. Some interior changes had been produced in 2015 to improve the galley space. White Moth operates on charters and planned sailings.
  • Hathor returned in 2015 after substantial renovation, reuniting the initial WYC fleet. A celebratory relaunch week-end at How Hill saw five wherries sail together on Ant for the first time in maybe a hundred years. She is at this time used for scheduled sailings and educational tasks only.
  • Ardea is our newest arrival, and like White Moth is privately had but with charter legal rights assigned to WYC. The woman unusual history involves amount of time in Paris as a houseboat. She arrived at our wherry base in 2015, is within cruising purchase, therefore we anticipate establishing our corporate supplying with her. She will maybe not usually run other charters or general public sailings, but can perform every so often.

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