Yacht charter Agreement

MYBA Charter Agreement

WMT ( west Mediterranean Terms, based on MYBA)

Included in the charter rate tend to be:

Hire regarding the yacht (use, upkeep, etc.)
Crew cost, except meals
Marine insurance coverage for the boat, including alternative party obligation
All the other functional costs, such for gas (primary motors, outboard machines, jet skis, etc.), meals for guests and crew, water, harbour dues, club and drinks, telecommunication and taxes should be paid additional by the Charterer.

EMT (Eastern Mediterranean Terms, semi-inclusive)

Contained in the Charter rate tend to be:

Hire of Yacht
Crew Price
Marine Insurance for yacht and 3rd party responsibility.
Crew meals
Gasoline and lubrication oil the generators, and for four-hours utilization of the main engine(s), a day
Harbour and pilot dues (however any relevant channel dues), including costs for electricity taken from the coast
Liquid, and cleaning products.
All the other functional costs, such for food the friends, club and products, telecommunication, fuel for outboard engines and jet skis etc., also and taxes are to be paid additional by the Charterer.

CT (Caribbean Terms, comprehensive)

Under these charter terms the above mentioned price (WMT 1.-3. and EMT 1.-4.) including food for the guests (3 dishes per day) come inside charter price.

Other, private, operational expenditures, like for bar and products, telecommunication, gas for outboard motors and jet skis, etc., as well as mooring costs at “special” marinas and fees can be paid extra because of the Charterer.

(Occasionally table wines could be included.)

In all regions of the Western Mediterranean VAT needs to be paid regarding charter sum, ca. 4.5% to 20-21%.
Exeptions: Commercially licensed yachts. Indicated with :”No VAT”
It is customary to pay for a deposit the anticipated functional expenses prior to commencement associated with charter (A.P.A, Advance Provisioning Allowance).
As sign, this APA for the working expenses add up to:
25-35% of charter cost under WMT (west Mediterranean Terms)
15-20percent of the charter fee under EMT (Eastern Mediterranean Terms)
ca 5percent associated with the charter charge under CT (Caribbean Terms, comprehensive)
The real price (which to quite some level rely on the need of this friends) for above expenses is going to be accounted for by the Captain.

Details are usually trustworthy but are perhaps not guaranteed in full.

Demise Agreements

Hold-over from middle-ages – trusted in the USA where in actuality the Jones act will not permit non-US built boats to charter from US harbors. Contract is within two parts: 1. agreement when it comes to motorboat (bare-boat) 2. Contract using the captain and staff. All costs handled independently within an advance (APA) to the captain.

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