Yacht charter Ionian Islands

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Concerning The Ionian Islands

The Ionian islands tend to be situated off the western shore of Greece and extend from popular Corfu in the north past Ithaca, Kefalonia, Lefkada, Paxos and finally to Zakynthos in the south. When element of Greece, nature torn these countries through the mainland in a fit of seismic task that created its distinct coastline, deep offshore waters and makes up about its tall hills, once part of the Pindos hill range.

Its fun deep waters, great restaurants, lush plant life and founded yachting infrastructure combine perfectly featuring its complex history and social heritage to help make the Ionian islands a brilliant yacht charter location. Having been under Roman, Byzantine, Venetian, French and British guideline additionally the just area string to not ever come under Ottoman control, the Ionian islands would be the most eu orientated Greek island group and supply an intriguing cultural narrative.

Ionian Islands Yacht Charter

There is absolutely no one way to charter a boat through Ionian countries. It is possible to invest times in a single area or can flit from one coastline or slot to a different in quick succession. Whether you charter a sailing or engine boat, its an excellent way to unwind and explore all that the islands have to offer. Please be aware: most deluxe yachts tend to be situated in the yachting hub of Athens and will be relocated at your convenience through the impressive Corinth Canal.

Wind and Climate Conditions

The wind and sailing circumstances of this Ionian Sea are usually regular and foreseeable, making them suitable for sailors of all abilities. Winds normally begin to develop around midday but die down towards sunset; ideal for sailing to your night location after a morning invested snorkelling and experiencing the pristine seas. From May to September the winds usually blow from the Northwest at energy 2-5. In spring and autumn, however, they are more reasonable and often blow from the Southwest.

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