Yacht charter Martinique

Yacht charter Martinique

Martinqiue, "The area of flowers" is among the biggest islands for the Lesser Antilles. Along with the biggest red coral reef windward, it abounds in highly shielded, hardly ever visited bays and coves. Martinique's exotic forests are perfect for private and unique excursions. Martinique has a Caribbean ambiance with exemplary food, designer shopping and friendly men and women. Yacht charter in Martinique may be the perfect spot to attain the Grenadines. The North has lush vegetation, streams and spectacular hills, with Mont Pele becoming it really is greatest point. The Southern end regarding the island is blessed with all the white sand beaches backed by palms and ocean grapes.

Le Marin in south for the area may be the heart of Martinique's yachting business. Le Marin boasts all the services you could wish for: well-stocked chandleries, supermarkets and a variety of restaurants. There are excellent French Creole cuisines. Seafood includes fresh regional crab, lobster and conch, served from a barbecue or prepared in a delicious spicy sauce.

Provisioning for a yacht charter in Martinique is excellent. Monster supermarkets provide a range of produce, both regional and European. Fruits and veggies, wonderful cheeses, pates, animal meat and seafood are enough of an attraction that lots of charter yachts provision here.

Once you've fatigued the charming internet sites of countries, bring your charter an additional direction. Feel the excitement of blue-water cruising by heading south to St Lucia and St Vincent plus the Grenadines.

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