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The largest lagoon worldwide

Brand new Caledonia lies at 21 degrees thirty minutes south latitude and 165 degrees` three full minutes east longitude, in the heart of the Southern Pacific; about 932 nm east of Australia.

Uk naval explorer Capt. James Cook discovered the island in 1774. Its rugged shoreline reminded him such of Scotland that Cook known as it brand new Caledonia honoring their Scottish father. Both France and Britain decided the island-actually a group of countries including Loyalty Islands, Isle of Pines, Belep and a number of smaller islands-in the first nineteenth century. These days, brand new Caledonia is a self-governing territory of France.

A 1, 600 km (994 mi.) barrier reef encircles the main area, generating perhaps one of the most stunning (and largest) lagoons in the world. Cooled by the Pacific Ocean and trade winds, brand new Caledonia enjoys a soft, bright weather. Through the main mountain range on warm exotic waters, site visitors will discover a remarkable range of plants and animals.

With an unbelievable combination of cultural groups, New Caledonia is a land with many traditions, traditions and countries. a blend of Melanesian and French culture, enhanced by Polynesian and Asian influences creates an exciting yet unified life style.

The world’s biggest lagoon addresses around 24, 000 square kilometer (14, 912-square kilometers), making it probably one of the most remarkable and gorgeous cruising locations worldwide. Indeed, this third biggest archipelago when you look at the South Pacific provides a choice of 74 breathtaking, and mainly uninhabited, countries, with extraordinary anchorages.

Dream Yacht Charter’s cruising adventure begins in New Caledonia’s money, Nouméa. French cultural influences get this to cosmopolitan town seem a bit just like the French Riviera, across several thousand nautical kilometers inside Southern Pacific. Colorful waterfronts are lined with bars, cafes, restaurants and nightclubs. Its a great destination to replenish on superb French gourmet food and wine before hoisting sail.

The journey towards Isle of Pines is a fantastic cruising knowledge, as possible navigate close to the coast. At Isle Pines, you’ll find out several of the most beautiful bays in the field, rendering it the most wonderful base where to explore this original paradise. The island is surrounded by a marine reserve dotted with small countries such as the remote Nokan Hui, one of the more gorgeous moorings worldwide.

Numerous islets near Noumea are perfect for an idyllic lengthy weekend escape. The majority are often deserted. The water teems with fish, that is ideal for those sailors which choose to capture their supper. To get more adventuresome explorers, the Loyalty isles of Ouvéa, Lifou and Maré, tend to be seldom checked out by more traditional tourists. Wherever you travel in brand new Caledonia, expect to be treated with a warmth and a personal touch that suits the weather.

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