Yacht charter St. Martin

Map of St Maarten / St Martin

Found in the Leeward isles at 18 levels 3 minutes, north latitude and 63 levels 4 mins west longitude, Christopher Columbus sighted St. Martin in 1493 and stated it for Spain. However, the Dutch first occupied St. Martin in 1631 drawn because of the island’s sodium deposits. Spain eventually relinquished its claim, as well as the French and Dutch divided the area among on their own. And so it stays these days. The area of Saint Martin is the smallest landmass worldwide provided by two separate countries. The north part is a French international collectivity, while the Dutch side is a completely independent nation within the Kingdom for the Netherlands, and it is formally called Saint Martin.

Due to the French and Dutch sides, a fascinating duel cultural character is present on St. Martin where sophistication and a comfortable, easygoing style tend to be woven in to the fabric of everyday life in the area. The melding of both Caribbean and European food, culture and cuisine comes together like hardly any other devote the area string. With first class restaurants, casual coastline bars, legendary and quite often infamous beaches, real time music and a remarkable colonial history, St. Martin provides you with a taste of the wonderful charms of the part of the globe.

In reality, St. Martin is 2nd and then the Uk Virgin Islands as our preferred cruising area within the Caribbean. Chartering here enables you to explore a number of the gorgeous countries in Eastern Caribbean, as well as enjoy spectacular scuba diving and snorkeling on several of the most unspoiled reefs in the world.

Because of the current circumstances in your community surrounding St. Martin, fantasy Yacht Charter calls for sailors to possess an advanced or maybe more degree of knowledge. But there is the perfect mix of area hopping and exciting blue-water cruising to keep a grin on everyone’s face.

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