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Situated midway in Pacific Ocean between Tahiti and Fiji, the Kingdom of Tonga is composed of 171 countries in four distinct groups: Tongatapu, Ha′apai, Vava′u, and Niuas. Nuku′alofa from the main island of Tongatapu may be the capital of the constitutional monarchy. The jewels of unique cruising grounds of a Tonga cruising vacation will be the hilly and wooded coral countries of Vava′u. Miles of white-sand beaches, coral reefs, and crystal clear waters make Tonga one of several world’s top snorkelling and scuba venues. Exposure is generally 150 feet. The variety of comfortable anchorages, more than 40 of those, with the close proximity associated with the countries to one another is extremely similar to cruising within the British Virgin Islands. The reefs guarantee relaxed waters whilst the trade winds assure excellent sailing virtually every time. It’s no surprise, after that, that Vava′u is a sailor’s paradise, where in actuality the delights of a Tonga boat charter encourage fond thoughts that final a very long time.

Because current laws, Tonga charters may well not start or end on a Sunday. Additionally, in observance of King Tupou VI's birthday celebration while the Crown Prince's birthday celebration, the base is going to be closed on July 4th and 17th. If those times fall on a Sunday, the holiday season are observed these Monday. Regrettably, our base are going to be shut both of these days and will not be open as a charter begin or end time.

Sailing in Tonga

A Tonga cruising vacation provides some of the easiest and greatest cruising in Southern Pacific. Southeast trade winds average between 15 and 25 knots might through September and northeast trade winds average between 10 and 20 knots during summer. Navigation is line-of-sight from one island to another location, though a watchful attention regarding the chart is essential because of the many reefs. The tidal range is a little over three feet. Tidal and wind-driven currents are usually poor except in thin channels. A Tonga yacht charter is really in the get to of sailors who possess basic skills in coastal navigation. The beauty and special character of these unique oceans lures less experienced and veteran sailors alike to return time after time for lots more adventures. Year-round conditions hover around 75°F (24°C).

Tonga Highlights

Tonga’s beauty is known throughout the world. The wooded and frequently hilly red coral islands are fringed with pristine white-sand beaches well suited for snorkelling, cycling, and tanning. Picturesque anchorages well-protected from ocean swells usually are no more than a few kilometers aside, but there’s additionally pure water for South Pacific cruising at its best. The kingdom has a number of resorts and restaurants from the islands and on Vava′u in the primary town of Neiafu. Among Tonga’s principle attractions are its inviting men and women, who cherish hospitality and engender a sincere aspire to make site visitors feel home. Tonga has been nicknamed the Friendly isles since 1773, whenever British captain James Cook used the term to explain the Tongans he met. The honorary title continues to be deserved and needed.

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