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Atlantic Yacht Charters

Worldwide availability of over 1500 deluxe sailing, catamaran, engine yachts, huge yachts and superyachts for exclusive charter. Over the past 25 many years, we now have traveled the world and inspected tens of thousands of charter yachts. Because of these, we chosen just the people that satisfy our rigid criteria of excellence.

Each charter yacht is professionally staffed with a licensed captain and gourmet chef with extra team because the yachts get bigger.

Charter yachts are priced between 45 to over 300 foot in total, & most accommodate from 2 to 12 friends each. Bigger groups can charter two or more charter yachts and sail collectively. We can accommodate sets of to 300 folks about the same cruising. See Groups/Incentives to get more details.

We now have a choose wide range of deluxe Superyachts that may accommodate up to 100 visitors.

All-inclusive prices (excluding airfare and gratuity) start at $275 pp/day ($400 pp/day for 2-person charter yachts) and can vary as high as $5, 000 pp/day or higher for most discerning of people.

Our worldwide fleet of charter yachts can be as diverse as individuals who charter all of them. We've honeymoon yachts, ships for households, classic yachts which can be steeped ever sold, high speed energy yachts, business yachts, scuba yachts, yachts for special festivities, and yachts that just take you to definitely where in fact the big luxury cruise ships cannot reach.

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