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Is there a better phrase of Italy than this lissom, glossy hull designed for pleasure? In a Riva, form is purely associated with function. If, that is, you define function with regards to frolicking with walnut-brown ragazzas on the Mediterranean littoral or the Italian ponds. Just saying “Aquarama” is seductive: it sounds a lot more like an enchanting idea than a name.

This watercraft will be the most decadent and evocative product available, a weirdly powerful beverage of Detroit into the 1950s (whenever usage understood no restrictions) and Italy’s lengthy moment of la dolce vita (whenever also saucepans and coffee devices had been sexualised with lascivious forms). Featuring its double 400hp United states V8 motors, a Riva Aquarama was a glorious affront to nautical etiquette.

It's the ultimate customer fantasy: a proposition that reveals the sky is available and blue, that summer time never ever finishes and therefore lust can be explained when it comes to cleats and varnish.

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