Miami Yacht Charters

Yacht Charters in Miami (FL):

The United States's Finest Holiday Playground
Escape to The Moorings new location in Miami, Florida and discover tropical scenery and near-perfect weather in this sunny year round destination. Sailing along tropical shorelines with spectacular city skylines is an absolute delight for adventurous sailors and those who desire to relax. Head towards the Florida Keys, where glistening waters abound. Snorkel and dive among colorful coral reefs of the natural islands, which are steeped in history and charm. The city of Miami is regarded for its trend-setting culture and sizzling nightlife. Claiming its place as a truly international city, Miami exudes the energy of different cultures coming together, so revel in the vibrant energy of the beachside city. Just recently, Miami was voted as having the #3 best skyline in the United States! And while you certainly can view it during the day, once the sun sets and the city lights come up, a view of downtown Miami and South Beach from the deck of your Moorings yacht is breath-taking.

Sailing in Miami

Miami is the leading destinations for cruising in Southern Florida. Utilizing the Gulf flow below and a cozy tropical environment above, sailors can use their nautical know-how to find out all of the secluded shores and stunning natural beauty this location has to offer.

Although the winter season provides the most readily useful winds for cruising, summer time provides the best swimming opportunities—and the sightseeing is definitely great! August is normally the hottest thirty days when the average warm achieves 89.8F, even though the typical low temperature in January, Miami’s coldest month, is 59.5 F.

Miami Shows

A standard location with unusual places, Miami is most magical whenever seen through the emerald seas that surround it aboard your Moorings yacht. Venture to world-famous Southern Beach, sail from the shores of this Florida Keys, or explore the tradition and nightlife of Coconut Grove.

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