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The STEALTH 540 flybridge presents the newest wave in yachting. This yacht has a completely crafted catamaran hull matched with a proprietary hydrofoil (HYSUCAT), which elevates the hulls regarding the yacht and substantially decreases almost all of the drag that could typically be there on a planning hull. All this is coordinated using the most recent 800hp MAN popular Rail diesels as well as the incorporated exterior Drive (ISD) propulsion, which provides the vessel unmatched performance and gas economic climate.

The STEALTH 540 flybridge can reach a top of speed of 55mph and easily cruises at 42mph. At cruising rate, the STEALTH 540 flybridge burns 30% less gasoline than just about any other engine boat in her own class! Because of the efficiency regarding the HYSUCAT, the ride is much smoother than most yachts, which yields an attractable ‘wave dampening’ result.

With a standard duration of 55’ and a ray of 18’ this vessel is much more like a 70’ yacht. Not only this, the STEALTH 540 flybridge holds that beam much further ahead considering the woman catamaran hull, and is quickly seen by a king-size bed ahead when you look at the master stateroom.

The STEALTH 540 flybridge has actually 3 staterooms and 3 full-baths. The flybridge features sitting for 12, even though the cockpit has even more square video footage than many 65’ recreation fishing yachts. With side porches and a center walk-through windshield, use of the bow is excellent.

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