Interlux Paint

Thinning the paint according

This one-part polyurethane paint is shiny, durable, and easy to use. Roll it on with a foam roller, tip it out with a brush, and everyone will think you’ve sprayed your hull.

Brightside paints have Teflon® rendering it easier to neat and better capable resist staining, chemical substances & dirt. Teflon® also advances the abrasion weight of Brightside.

See our store tip-on artwork with aquatic Polyurethanes for tips and hints about how to get that perfect finish. While Interlux Brightsides will stay glued to the non-blushing epoxies like MAS, we advice using a primer with this particular paint, if possible.

The guidelines on will state "maybe not for use below waterline, " which causes some confusion. Just what Interlux indicates by this might be that it isn't for big, hefty boats that live in the water for months or years. For kayaks, canoes, dinghies, rowing boats etc, which never spend more than a couple weeks at a time in liquid, Interlux Brightsides is ideal and then we've already been deploying it on Light Craft for twenty years. If your vessel could reside in water, you may need "antifouling" paint in place of a gloss finish, anyhow.

We stock quarts within the next colors: Yellow, fire-red, sea-green, Dark Blue, Hatteras Off-White, White, sapphire-blue, and Black. Other colors from the chart are available to order, but they take a few more times to attain you. To decide on an unique shade find the "Special Color" alternative from the dropdown and type your shade option into the "Special Instructions" field in the final checkout display screen.

Sold because of the quart (0.946 litres). ON AVERAGE a quart of Brightsides paint is wonderful for around three coats over 100 square feet. There is substantial variation, however, in line with the width of the coats, and considering that the amount of pigment (and therefore opacity) differs between colors. We have discovered that what you can do with white and blue in three coats takes five coats with all the Interlux yellow, like.

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