International antifouling Paint

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Global excellence and Overseas Toplac - complete color range.

Perfection Plus, Schooner & Schooner Gold, Original, Compass, Goldspar Satin and New Woodskin.

Yacht primer, Primocon, Interprotect, VC-Tar 2, Gelshield and Gelshield 200


Pre-Kote and Perfection Undercoat

Interdeck anti-skid deck paint, Danboline Bilge paint.

Overseas No 1, No 3, No 7, No 9, No 10, plus V-C General thinners.

The New Formulation of Yacht Line is a variety of vessel maintenance systems containing the unique properties expected to protect your vessel from the climate while the sea,
Teak Oil, Teak Restorer, Super Cleaner, Fluid Rubbing, Wax Sealer with Teflon, Polwax, Gelcoat cleaner.

a functional epoxy resin system, suitable for a multitude of uses, such as for example sheathing, laminating, filling and fairing, and gluing, on ships of all types.From a back ground of thirty years of experience in Australia and brand new Zealand, Global today provides a tried and tested multipurpose epoxy system for expert and DIY usage.

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