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Marine Thermal InsulationMascoat Marine-DTM is a composite ceramic marine thermal barrier finish which exclusively made for thermal and anti condensation protection for harsh marine environment. Review a number of our faqs about Marine-DTM for more information.

Papers Specs
  • CONTAINER SIZE: 5 Gallons
  • COMPONENTS: One-part (inclusive)
  • LAYER THICKNESS: 20 mils (0.5 mm) dry
  • PROTECTION every GALLON: 50–55 ft2 at 20 mils (1.3 m2 at 0.5 mm)
  • WEIGHT: 5.0–5.1 lbs/gallon (0.6 kg/liter)
  • AMOUNT SOLIDS: 80–82per cent
  • SHADE: White, grey. Custom colors with minimum quantity bought.
  • SHEEN: Flat
  • BASE: High-grade acrylic water-based
  • CHLORIDES: Minimal to nothing
  • VOC INFORMATION: 0.06 lbs/gallon (7.1 grams/liter)
  • LONGATION: Above 30%
  • PERMEABILITY: Not As Much As 5 Perms
  • ACCELERATED AGING: exceptional (2, 000+ hours)
  • ABRASION RESISTANCE: Moderate to high
  • FLAME SCATTER: Class The
  • FIRE RATING: IMO A653 (16) authorized
  • APPLICATION TEMPS: 60–300˚F (10–148˚C)
  • PROCESS TEMPS: 350˚F maximum (204˚C optimum)
  • TOPCOATING: Please contact Mascoat.
  • APPLICATION METHOD: Airless sprayer
Triumph Stories

Mascoat Marine-DTM finish is a water-based, one-part coating made up of air filled ceramic and silica beads presented in suspension by an acrylic binder. It applies like paint and is maintenance-free, offering thermal buffer and anti-condensation abilities for shipboard construction.

Marine Insulation CoatingsCurrently, Mascoat Marine-DTM anti-sweat finish is in usage on over 1500 marine vessels from Alaska to Antarctica. This finish can replaced many blanket and foam insulation items, resulting in substantial reduced total of weight and maintaining the vessel inside the brand-new stringent marine rules and classifications.

Marine Thermal Barrier Coating

The finish employs best water-based finish technology and possesses no harmful elements. Unlike various other insulation methods, Mascoat Marine-DTM bonds straight to the substrate or primer, leaving no space for deterioration to take hold. Direct bonding provides layer the capability to protect your vessel without degradation regarding the substrate for quite some time ahead. Through the use of Mascoat Marine-DTM layer system, you'll rest assured that the vessel is protected hence the interior accommodations may be comfortable.

Applying Mascoat Marine-DTM Insulating CoatingUsers of Mascoat Marine-DTM layer have found that the coating replaces most standard insulation techniques. While producing similar thermal barrier abilities, installing costing considerably less. Numerous vessel proprietors have conserved to 50per cent on total downloaded prices over mainstream insulation. On top of that, the finish is incredibly lightweight. This permits simple application around hard places including stiffeners and other tight areas without adding excess weight. Read our Mascoat triumph reports to see specific programs where Mascoat managed to provide exceptional cost benefits and defense.

Because the finish applies quickly, labor and building time-frame cost savings escalate by using Mascoat Marine-DTM. This means your typical thermal barrier techniques is now able to be performed by in-house artwork teams as opposed to making use of subcontractors. Productivity increase and gives the client an improved item in a shorter time period.

Cross Section Mascoat Marine-DTM Mascoat Marine-DTM Coatings RINA certificates US Coast-guard Approval

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