Trawler Yachts

Selene 47 Trawler Yacht

Including 50 to 84 ft (14.99 to 25.60 m), the Privateer Trawler is a boat that seems, seems and functions as a ship, and certainly will simply take you wherever your imagination may roam. Owners don’t usually sail with a crew as Trawler is simple to use because of services eg powerful placement and wireless remote docking.

Ample proportions
If you should be trying to stay onboard and go off to the horizon in considerable convenience and absolute dependability, your search is over. This classic trawler is dependent on Privateer’s renowned multi-chine hull and bow. The freeboard is kept deliberately lower in purchase to search for the greatest stability values. As an added bonus, the standing space throughout covered places is a generous two metres.

In tale
Privateer Trawlers are known for their particular advanced interiors. Most owners choose to place their particular suite amidships in which big windows enable a light and airy atmosphere. Here and everywhere else on your boat, the exquisite abilities of your joiners and carpenters is going to be a consistent supply of admiration.With top class materials used throughout, your trip of finding would be a pleasure in every good sense.

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