Deaton Yacht Service

Really, it has been sometime since you've final heard from us. To carry you current. Final Tues. November 10, we had been towed to Deaton Yacht Service because starter dilemmas. On Thursday, John Deaton came aboard and conducted a dial make sure determined there clearly was no significant deflection of this Flywheel or the Ring equipment. He also took pictures for the chewed teeth in the Ring gear. Later that mid-day, he had Ron come to the shop to check out the pictures. Then he showed Ron a flywheel from an engine that is the same as ours and remarked that the perspective of this teeth regarding the ring equipment are dealing with the contrary instructions from just what ours are. Ah Ha- after nine years of intermittent grinding, three starters, and thousands later on, we currently understand the way to obtain the situation. Naturally, an innovative new flywheel utilizing the band gear facing within the right way and an innovative new style of starter(a gear reduction starter) has-been put in in Scheherazade.

Across after that day or two, we had an innovative new oil force security switch put in and improvements needed to be made so your engine and drive shaft would be lined up correctly. To do that that they had to just take a reciprocating saw and cut fully out a grove for the bell housing which allowed all of them doing the proper engine alignment. This morning (Friday) at 8:00 AM we took Scheherazade out for a-sea trial. The engine began like a champ and she purred like a kitten. Everybody, including Tim (our mechanic) had smiles on their faces from ear-to-ear. It Absolutely Was a great day.🌞

Now as we look back upon our stay here in Oriental, we not just were very fortunate discover a highly skilled solution garden, but had the chance to fulfill numerous new cruising friends who will be in "same boat". A lot of them are preventing right here for fixes on their method south. To take advantage of the outstanding craftsmanship with this boatyard, we are going to have a few other minor problems solved before we cast off.

For the time being, we have been enjoying our morning runs, going on bicycle rides, and happy hours with our brand-new pals.

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