Diversified Yacht Services Fort Myers

Creating a gigantic paint booth designed to produce showroom quality completes on massive yachts is challenging that GFS cheerfully accepted.

In December 2010, building started on a 14-month project to construct a unique 60, 000 sq. ft. center for Diversified Yacht solutions (DYS) in Ft. Myers, Florida. Diversified Yacht offers extensive solutions for luxury yachts of all sizes. solutions cover anything from technical, plumbing and electric, to refinishing and detailing.

The project included two buildings — an advanced marina and a site center. In addition included was a fully encased paint booth, large enough to program boats as much as 68’ for complete paint and refinishing.

GFS caused Diversified Yacht in engineering, production and installing the immense paint booth, as well as other finishing gear.

The GFS equipment provided feature:

Since the services and products DYS works on tend to be luxury things, it is necessary with their facilities to suit that with a lavish look aswell. The GFS equipment that DYS purchased had been pre-coated white for a brighter, cleaner look. A massive, sparkling white paint booth isn't just impressive, but in addition functional. The paint booths are state-of-the-art final surroundings that provide a safe, clean environment for generating the most wonderful finish for each boat.

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