International Charters

International Charters

Action Against Hunger functions based on a unique principles in order to manage its ethical and economic independency. Action Against Hunger's activities aren't defined with regards to domestic or foreign policies, nor does the organization work inside interest of any federal government.


Action Against Hunger maintains a strict political and spiritual neutrality. However, Action Against Hunger can denounce individual rights violations it witnesses as well as hurdles put in the way of their humanitarian tasks.


a target is a target. Action Against Hunger rejects all discrimination considering ethnicity, nationality, opinion, race, religion, sex, or personal course.

Totally free and Immediate Access to Victims

Action Against Hunger requires free use of sufferers and direct control of its programs. Action Against Hunger uses all means open to achieve this goal, and will denounce and act against hurdles that prevent the business from performing this. Action Against Hunger also verifies the allocation of their resources to be able to ensure that they reach those people for whom they truly are destined. For no reason can partners working with or alongside Action Against Hunger get to be the ultimate beneficiaries of Action Against Hunger's aid programs.


To increase its performance and employ of resources, Action Against Hunger bases the assessment, conception, administration, and understanding of their programs from the greatest expert criteria and its particular several years of experience.


Action Against Hunger is devoted to respecting an insurance policy of transparency and disclosure for its beneficiaries, donors, and partners through available all informative data on the allocation and handling of its funds, by offering separate verification of their great management.

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