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It's agreed that the Client (Captain, Owner, or Owner’s Representative) engages significant Yacht providers to provide resumes of Candidates to be considered for employment, and agrees to fund services rendered. The positioning cost for our solutions is acquired everytime a Candidate is required within twelve months from the day the applicant was known the customer. This charge responsibility will additionally be incurred by said Client which refers an important Yacht providers Candidate to another employer, should that Candidate be afterwards hired within one-year of the recommendation.


Recognition of resumes suggests acceptance of all terms on this contract. It is also agreed that it's the Client’s responsibility to see Major Yacht Services of Candidates formerly proven to the Client within 48 hours of receipt from Major Yacht Services, usually the customer are obligated to Major Yacht Services for payment of because of positioning costs aside from alternate source of Candidates or time of receipt.


Temporary location Fee (1 – 1 month) 25percent override of total wages paid, or at the least Aus$110.00

Temp-to-Perm Placement Fee 25% override of wages compensated month-to-month until amount equal to lasting Fee is paid (No guarantee)

Seasonal position Fee (31 – 90 days) 20percent override of complete wages compensated, or no less than Aus$770.00

Permanent location Fee (91+ times) 75percent of monthly wage, or at the least Aus$1500.00

Wire Transfer Fee of Aus$30.00 will undoubtedly be added to any charge requiring repayment by cable transfer.

Prices are excluding GST


Notice of job – Because Major Yacht Services does not use the Candidates right, whenever an offer of employment has been rendered and acknowledged, it will be the Client’s duty to inform Major Yacht Services of the regards to work eg prospect title, begin time, position, and income, within 48 hours of hiring. In these instances in which a short-term or Seasonal Candidate comes back to focus for a Client following the initial work period, within one-year from initial recommendation, additional placement charges is going to be because of as regular, around the maximum amount of a Permanent Placement Fee. Failure to share with significant Yacht Services within one week of employment or re-employment can cause all regular positioning charges to bear a 25% surcharge, and all sorts of Warranty Rights will likely be forfeited.

Notice of Termination – Should a permanent Candidate’s work be ended within the Warranty stage, just for cause rather than for decreased work, this is the Client’s obligation to inform significant Yacht Services for the date and cause for termination within one week of separation from the manager becoming eligible for an alternative Candidate.

Payment Terms – Full payment arrives within thirty day period of invoice time or all Warranty Rights tend to be waived. After 30 days, customer will likely to be responsible to cover accrued interest of 1.5per cent monthly plus reasonable expenses of collection, including courtroom prices, lawyer fees, and/or collection agency charges.

5) WARRANTY DURATION: (Warranty is legitimate only when all terms placed in Numbers 1-4 overhead happen met.)

If a Permanent prospect is discharged with only cause, or voluntarily leaves said employer with or without only cause, within 60 times from begin day, we will replace the candidate once without additional charge. The replacement Candidate’s Warranty stage may be restricted to 60 days from his or her start date. In the case an appropriate replacement is not provided and a Candidate is employed through another origin, the Client will receive a Credit within the level of the positioning cost to be utilized from the companies account for any future staff placements over the following one year. This guarantee policy is actually for the replacement service only and does not consist of refunds. It is the Clients obligation to pay for any vacation expenditures sustained when it comes to Crew users.

It really is understood that prospects employed are employed at-will as staff members of the Client, and therefore Major Yacht providers can not be held responsible the actions associated with the applicant in virtually any circumstance. It is also recognized that the prospects tend to be under no agreement with Major Yacht providers, and all taxes and employment qualifications demands would be the obligation of this Client, as tend to be criminal record checks and reference confirmation, etc.


We accept the terms 1-5 above, but expert to come into such agreement for the vessel owner, details of that are the following. I understand no placement cost is going to be incurred unless a crew user is hired through Major Yacht providers.

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